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Project Name:

Puhoi – Warkworth Motorway

Project Location

Auckland. NZ

In 2023, we look back at one of New Zealand’s most transformative infrastructure projects: the extension of the Northern Motorway, spanning from Pūhoi to north of Warkworth, a significant segment of the Ara Tūhono project. Encompassing 18.5km, the initiative was meticulously orchestrated to bolster road capacity, notably enhancing road safety while ensuring swift commutes in the pulsating region around Auckland. The project’s leadership comprised a powerful collaboration between the New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA), its PPP partner Northern Express Group, and a construction consortium led by NX2, a Joint Venture of Fletcher Construction and the Spanish powerhouse, Acciona.

ES Calculations proudly played a pivotal role in this venture, notably contributing to the construction of the Okahu and Puhoi bridges, devising intricate lifting plans, and ensuring the structural adequacy and stability of permanent structures throughout their construction and lifting phases. While the motorway was entrusted to the NX2 consortium for its operation over a span of 25 years, it remains a valuable public asset, embodying the spirit of public-private collaboration. As the motorway stands today, it’s not just a testament to engineering prowess but also to the synergistic efforts of diverse stakeholders sharing a unified vision for a more connected New Zealand.

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