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Project Name:

Santa Catalina No.8

Project Location:

Madrid. Spain

In 2020, at the heart of Madrid, we spotlighted the meticulous structural rehabilitation project undertaken on the ground floor of the landmark building at Calle Santa Catalina nº 8. This action became imperative due to discerned structural pathologies, further aggravated by a prior inadequately executed renovation in the commercial space on that level. The building’s historic significance and previous interventions accentuated the pressing need for an accurate and robust technical approach. This endeavor was entrusted to Santa Catalina CB and was collaboratively executed by the renowned firms ESCalculations and Arquiestudio Heras. Beyond merely addressing the structural challenges, the project epitomized the harmonious blend of technical efficacy with the preservation of architectural heritage.

The building at Calle Santa Catalina nº 8 in Madrid, with its deep-rooted history, faced structural challenges accentuated by a prior flawed renovation in the commercial space. In response, the Property spearheaded a specialized project. Essential technical measures included replacing deteriorated upright beams, introducing new concrete bases for metallic reinforcements, and fortifying beams with metal where original timber was compromised. Lintels in load-bearing walls were reinforced, window carpentry was fully restored, and particular care was given to the basement vault, necessitating masonry restoration. These strategic interventions aimed to strengthen the ground floor, ensuring the building’s overall structural integrity and safety.

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