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Project Name:

Malolos–Clark Railway

Project Location:

Pampanga, Philippines.

The Malolos-Clark Railway Project (MCRP) CP N-04 is designed to revolutionise the way Filipinos navigate their daily lives. As a key segment of the envisioned 163km North-South Commuter Railway (NSCR) Project, the MCRP seeks to alleviate severe road congestion in Metro Manila and its neighbouring provinces. Specifically, the MCRP encompasses 6.3 km of the main line and an additional 1.6 km for the depot’s access line. Notably, it also features an underground station serving Clark International Airport. The initiative promises a massive reduction in road congestion, slashing journey times dramatically. Beyond mere utility, it champions an environmentally conscious ethos, emphasising sustainable transport that respects our planet and reduces our carbon

footprint. Within this monumental framework, ES Calculations steps in with finesse and precision. Collaborating as a joint venture, Acciona Construction Philippines Inc. and EEI Corporation.
At ES Calculations, we’re deeply committed to the vision of a transformative and sustainable Filipino transit system. Collaborating with key stakeholders and the nation’s top engineers, we’ve built a partnership founded on trust, innovation, and a unified vision for a connected Philippines. As the Malolos-Clark Railway Project continues to take shape, our focus remains unwavering: to deliver excellence and ensure this railway stands as a symbol of national progress and readiness for the future.

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